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Join us in District 1 for a Disc Golf  M.A social event on Saturday August 2nd 2014, from 1 to 4 pm at the SF Disc Golf Course located in the Golden Gate Park in Marx Meadow between 25th and 30th avenues on the North side of the park.

What is disc golf you might ask?
Disc golf is essentially the same as ball golf, except that instead of hitting a ball into a hole with a club, you're throwing a disc into a basket (no club).

Cheyney S. will be here to provide instruction for the beginners or advanced skills for the more experienced.

Bring comfortable shoes , learn the basics, practice your throw and then take off on the course for a new adventure filled of fun and laughter.

In addition, we will have a potluck , so please bring a delicious dish or your favorite beverage !!!

Big Thanks to Cheyney who propose this event and to offer his invaluable Disc Golf skills!

I look forward to see you all there,



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District 12 Events

Next event is our December Holiday party...details to come.

In the meanwhile, check out one (or several!) of our weekly meetings.