What is MA?

Marijuana Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction. 

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using marijuana. There are no dues or fees for membership. We are self-supporting through our own contributions. MA is not affiliated with any religious or secular institution or organization and has no opinion on any outside controversies or causes. 

Our primary purpose is to stay free of marijuana and to help the marijuana addict who still suffers achieve the same freedom. We can do this by practicing our suggested twelve steps of recovery and by being guided as a group by our twelve traditions.

Marijuana Anonymous uses the basic 12 Steps of Recovery founded by Alcoholics Anonymous, because it has been proven that the 12 Step Recovery program works!

HOW IT WORKS: The 12 Steps

DISTRICT 12: Covers Marin and Sonoma Counties and has meetings every day of the week. Here's a schedule of Marin and Sonoma Marijuana Anonymous Meetings.

Refer to the MA World Services website for more information.

"Talk" to other local members via our MA District Online Forum.

Commemorative Coin

Marijuana Anonymous 25th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

$25 each

The first unity conference of what was to become Marijuana Anonymous World Services took place in June 1989. Until then, our budding fellowship existed by three distinct names, in separate geographic locations.
The 25th anniversary commemorative coin honors our collective commitment to the unity, service, and the recovery of this growing fellowship, now spanning 275 in-person meetings in 11 countries. Proceeds will go toward MAWS’s continued effort to carry the message to the marijuana addict who still suffers.
Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers and one very appreciated artist, Scott H. (District 7, Los Angeles - South).
For a peek at the coin, the above is an original rendering of the front, and we’ll let the back remain a surprise for now. This limited edition coin has an antiqued silver finish and will be available for $25, celebrating 1989 (the year MAWS became a unified fellowship).
The cost of shipping will be included in the $25. Please stay tuned for notifications.
In Loving Service,
The MAWS 25th Anniversary PI Initiatives Committee